About me

Hi. I am Michael, a system administrator from Antwerp, Belgium.
My technical skills are the following:

If you're interested in the things I built so far, have a look at my cauldron.

If you'd like to contact me via IM, I'm most active on Telegram (@ghnou, @ighnou and @aghnou). I used to be @leCondor but this is currently not me. I discarded the account and forgot to reserve it into a channel. At some point someone else took it.

In case you prefer email, feel free to send one to hello [at] this domain.

In case you come from a group and intend to PM me with your question related to that group, please don't. Those groups were made for that question, and that's where you should ask. Someone (maybe me, maybe someone else) will answer it if they're interested. More info here.

A copy of this bio is posted on Telegram.