What's currently in the cauldron

Last updated: March 9, 2020

Right now, in the cauldron that is my home lab, I host the following systems:

Physical hardware:


Currently the number of appliances is around 70, and rapidly increasing.

The engineering challenges that such a gradual increase in network devices - with currently the total capacity being ~250 hosts - present are really interesting. So far dedicated DNS and DHCP have already become necessary, and even automatic deployments with things like Ansible or similar are starting to become very real needs. I'd like to scale up even further, but of course a home lab can only do so much in terms of presenting scalability challenges. If you are an employer and have such a network, feel free to contact me!

The most exciting project currently in the cauldron has to be the creation of a new commercial Linux distribution geared at small businesses however. This is a distribution that for such businesses will take the high upfront cost out of hiring a system administrator to deploy and maintain a professional Linux network, similar to the one I manage here. It will have fancy web interfaces, enterprise stability and most importantly, common and open source distribution-agnostic internals. This means that it will be both beginner-friendly but at the same time also scalable and suitable for advanced use.