Facebook Hacking myths

A lot of the questions we get over here is how to hack Facebook accounts. One could add in here the likes of WhatsApp, Telegram, Gmail, Outlook, Clash of Clans, all sorts of things. The same idea applies to those as well. Likely you've been replied this link because you've asked about hacking one of these, or similar. We give you 3 questions to consider.

  1. If anyone would be able to hack anyone's Facebook, would anyone still be using it?
  2. Would there be anyone on this entire planet that would be so stupid to release a working tool that could potentially jeopardize their own Facebook account?
  3. Would the big Zucc who releases new features into Facebook every other day wait around for a fix to be implemented against anything that poses a security threat to the platform?
    Fun fact: they do have a bug hunter program for that exact thing. And no, Facebook hacking questions aren't welcome there either. The Facebook bug hunter program is for actual vulnerabilities, not this bullsh**.

Hopefully that's cleared up your questions regarding Facebook hacking. If not, here's a simple TL;DR: No we can't do it for you, you can't do it, and nobody will do it for you.

This page has been made in response to all such Facebook hacking questions. If you find a person asking you to hack Facebook accounts for them, feel free to forward this here page. However, be sure to mention to them that we can't help them with their stupid question either. We hate getting messages like these.

You can see the original post that this has been based on over at Facebook. Keep in mind however that this person's (aka this here post's author) DM is limited to solicited messages only. Unsolicited messages will result in public ridiculing and obviously a block. You have been warned. Dragons ahead.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hopefully this cleared things up. If not, you can indeed hack Facebook accounts by using "hping" in your Kali console. It'll bring Facebook's website down for sure.