On privacy

Last updated: November 9, 2019

I'll be honest here - personally I care about privacy a lot. This among other reasons is why this website does not make use of any of the common tracking technologies, such as cookies and third-party JavaScript (or first-party for that matter). On the modern web I tend to disable these and highly recommend that you do too. Currently I use NoScript and uBlock Origin in my browser. There are various other browser extensions for these purposes as well, though these would deserve their own post.

Currently the main way by which I look at how the website performs is by the basic logs provided by Nginx, the web server that's responsible for hosting this website. While I do store them for security events, I don't tend to look at the raw logs very often. Needless to say, I do not sell any of this data either. These are for maintenance, not marketing.

As a result of moving the webserver behind a reverse proxy, the IP address is now hidden as well. In the log files there's currently one of the IP addresses of my edge servers instead.

In general I think that the KISS principle applies to everything, including metrics. I try my best to not obtain any more information about visitors than I need.

In other words, this website attempts to adhere to the original principles of the Web - a resource for you to be seen and no more than that. It sees that someone connected at a certain time. Your connection goes to one of the edges, and only its internal IP is what's seen by the actual webserver. This is a desirable flaw in my systems right now but might be patched at some point. If you do not want me to see your IP, do use something like Tor. But at the end of the day that's all I'll know about you. And I'm fine with that :)